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The only problems we can't solve are the ones we don't know about.

Owned and operated by Benn Boulton, Computer Comfort Inc has been in the computer service and support business for over 20 years and can help you manage your computer needs.

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On line race registration.

Sunapee Region Internet 

Internet services covering the Lake Sunapee region of New Hampshire.

  Fall Mountain Internet

Internet services covering the Fall Mountain region of New Hampshire.

Shop Service, Remote & Telephone Support
For issues that do not require in house service.
Fees:  Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm $50.00 per hour.
  After Hours and Weekends* $75.00 per hour.
  Holidays*  $125.00 per hour.
On-Site Support and Service  YES! We make house calls.
Hourly rate plus travel. All fees are US dollars.
Fees: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm $75.00 per hour 
  After Hours and Weekends* $90.00 per hour 
  Holidays*  $125.00 per hour.
4 hour minimum.

Within 2 hour drive from Newport, NH. 
(Zip 03773)

$30.00 per hour M-F 8am-6pm
$50.00 After hrs /Weekends/Holidays 
  More than 2 hour drive requires overnight
stay and payment of hotel accommodation.
$500.00 per day plus
cost of air fare and car rental
* (if staff is available)
** From our place to your place and back.
- Fees subject to change. -
Custom Application Development
Computer Comfort Inc has developed various custom applications, including:
- Customized payroll application for combining hourly and piece work pay schedules.
- Health clinic patient tracking. 
- Web based environmental sampling, tracking, labeling and reporting system. 
- Applications to calculate requirements of installing heating systems.
- Applications for the automotive industry.
- Web based event registration and management applications.

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Contact Information
Benn Boulton
(603) 865-7352 
Postal address:
PO Box 602, Newport, NH 03773
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